Date: 2015-09-10 11:50 pm (UTC)
hickumu: (We're Family)
From: [personal profile] hickumu
That's because fandom is friggin' lazy! *shakes fist at uncaring heavens* Back in my day, we ditched LJ for greener pastures!

(I'm pretty good at staying mobile, where social media is concerned. I ditched out of plurk when it was a thing, and was never more relieved.)

Seriously! It wasn't actually until I read TVTropes that I realized that the wheel they include between issues is significant and not just artistic. And then I went back and read through the entire plot with Luci and...oh. Damn.

And I am not reading Sex Criminals! Though I just went on a super massive binge of non-superhero comics off of Amazon, so that's probably something I'll start soon. Already I'm wondering what the two have to do with each other, but this time, I'll try to remain unspoiled.

As for "This Way to the Egress", put it like this - it's a band that consists of its members playing, variously, a tuba, a trombone, a banjo, a keyboard, a violin, and an accordion. And it works. They finished off the evening with a rousingly personalized rendition of "Show Me the Way to Go Home" that I was humming all the rest of the weekend.

Also, there's another band I saw called "Pandora Celtica" that I'm genuinely not sure isn't made up of supernatural beings. Like, that's their shtick, that they're faeries and such sent from their world to provide inspiration and entertainment to us mortals. And it's a story they stick to without really missing a beat. O_o
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