Date: 2015-09-10 10:48 pm (UTC)
hickumu: (Meowstix)
From: [personal profile] hickumu
I find it kind of therapeutic, myself. Mom once speculated that it's the kind of attitude that lends itself well towards self-care, that you're in a better headspace if you can take the time to sit out and type out your thoughts in as random and rambling a fashion as you want.

All of which is actually to say that I totally feel you on needing to get used to it again. >_> It does take a mental adjustment.

I admit, I've only technically read the first trade paperback - I got it hugely on sale off of Comixology - but because I'm like that, I'm spoiled for damn near everything else. Which is why I'm probably going to go ahead and order both TPB's off of Amazon. Because I have problems.

Gotta say, I think DragonCon was the best place to read it, though. I discovered a couple of awesome bands there. "This Way To the Egress" would totally fit in in this series.
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