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I should really start making journal entries a habit, so let's start with something I'm super comfortable writing about


(sponsored by being super stoked about that skirt I've been working on for a while now)

So, last year I bought a dress more out of need than anything else. It was in Leipzig, it was the Wave Gotik Treffen, and it was hot as fucking hell. Naturally all your clothes get a bit smelly once you start camping and living out of a suitcase, but in this case everything also felt damp and disgusting because I've been sweating in them before and they were definitely too warm. I wanted something clean.

I'm pretty sure no one could smell my sweaty skin actually, because everyone was in the same position, but still. Sometimes you just want to feel comfy.

So I bought this dress.

But, the longer I wore it, the more I hated it. I didn't feel comfy at all. It felt too naked, and too girly, and not black enough, but hey. It was clean. It can't be that bad right?

And then I noticed that the pattern was upside down.

Which is honestly my biggest pet peeve when it comes to clothes.

I wore it once, on that day. And then never again.

But I didn't want to throw it away. I still liked the pattern of the fabric, even though I'm not much of a flower-print person. Also I simply don't want to throw clothes away. It's a waste of fabric and money.

So last week I finally started to do something about it.

I decided to take apart the whole dress, turn the fabric in the right direction, and make a pencil skirt out of it.

(Because pencil skirts actually do something for my shape. 50's pin-up dresses don't. I learned that lesson on that day.)

I made a pattern with lots of parts trying to get the most out of the fabric

front wip, and back done with a zip:

mirror selfie with the finished skirt (added a waistband as well!)

So. I feel confident in it. It's comfy. It compliments my shape. Also, the fabric is now facing the right direction. AND. No one else owns a skirt like this.

Now I just have to put a lining in it and a button/buttohole to close the waistband above the zip. And then it's 100% done.

I'm so gonna wear it for Christmas.


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